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What is barkback?

barkback is a service that allows your customers to anonymously leave feedback directly to you from their smartphone, tablet, or PC. No one outside your business ever sees this feedback. When you login to your barkback account, you can view their comments and respond directly to them via the barkback messaging service.

How does barkback work?

With barkback, your customers send you their praise, ideas, and concerns. All information goes only to you. You prevent negative information from going public and can fix any issues right away. You can also reward valuable customers to encourage repeat visits. barkback is an excellent way to improve your business, attract new customers, and increase customer loyalty.

What's in it for my business?

barkback is a great way for you to get feedback from your customers. Whether you want to know how you can improve customer service, how customers like a new product, or just want to find out what's on a customer's mind, barkback is for you. Additionally, you can promote your business by customizing your company page to help the right customer discover your business.

What's in it for my customers?

First and foremost, your customers want their experiences to be positive, so helping you helps them. Additionally, most businesses choose to reward customers for providing feedback as a small token of appreciation.

If I decide to reward my customers, how does that work?

barkback provides all the tools you need to reward your customers. From $20 off to a free item, our system allows you to reward customers who provide feedback to show your gratitude and increase loyalty. Your offer is completely digital and is shared with the customer’s barkback account. Your customer can present the reward on their smartphone or tablet device the next time they are at your business.

How much does it cost?

barkback offers a variety of services to help businesses improve and grow. View our pricing page to find the right service for you. Our Quick Start package is always 100% free with no contracts or credit cards required.

This sounds great, so how do I sign up?

barkback may already be collecting valuable feedback from your customers. To sign up, simply click on the “Register” button at the top of this page. For your protection, we will follow up to verify that you are actually the business you claim to be. After that, all the features and benefits of barkback will be available to you, including any feedback we have already collected.

How will customers know I want their feedback?

barkback works very hard to make sure customers know you are on barkback. We begin by sending you a welcome package with stickers and signs for you to display to show customers you are a barkback business and want feedback. We also actively promote your business using our location services to show you are nearby on mobile devices.

I already have a great relationship with my customers. I don't need more feedback but am interested in growing my business. How can barkback help me?

barkback offers a number of tools to help grow your business. barkback users who have never been to your business before will learn about you and your promotions from our locations services and search tools. You can also poll your customers about new ideas to find the best way to grow your business! Learn more about our services!

What is barkback?

barkback is a service that allows customers to anonymously send business owners feedback such as praise, ideas, or concerns. barkback users help improve thousands of businesses daily with their feedback!

Why should I use it?

barkback users enjoy making a difference in the businesses they frequent and look to create a better experience for future visits. Many users request for new items or services, offer compliments, and even bring negative experiences to the attention of owners in a non-confrontational manner.

Do I get anything in return for leaving feedback for a business?

By leaving feedback on barkback, you allow businesses to respond to you about any issues or concerns you may have. Many businesses also reward customers who leave them feedback with discounts or promotions for their future visits.

Can anyone use barkback?

As long as you have an Internet connection – on a smartphone, tablet, or computer – then you can use barkback! To redeem rewards and promotions with a business, you will need a smartphone or a tablet so that you may present the coupon in the store.

How can I use barkback to leave businesses feedback?

While at a business, you can go to and your phone will automatically identify all of the participating businesses in your immediate area. Just select the business that you are at from the pop-up menu and a survey form will immediately open. If you are on a computer, you can search for businesses from the homepage and review any business that you see on the list.

Once I leave feedback for a business, how does the owner or manager see it?

Every business that uses barkback has a unique account from which they can view any feedback that has been left for them. All feedback you leave for a business is anonymous, even in future correspondences with the business.

I see that you are asking me to "create an account." Do I have to do this?

You need to create a barkback account in order to receive rewards and to receive a response from a business. If you just want to leave feedback for a business, then you do not need to have an account.

If I create an account, will a business know who I am?

No, all feedback to a business is 100% confidential and anonymous. All subsequent responses are also completely anonymous.

Can a business owner respond to my feedback?

If you are a registered user, businesses can respond to any feedback you leave them. Their responses will be sent to your barkback account, and no personal information about you will be made known to them at any time.

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